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MIL-DTL-38999 RJ-45 Connector

D38999 Connectors > D38999 Series III RJ-45


We stock a full offering of MIL-DTL-38999 RJ-45 field cylindrical connectors with Ethernet (RJ-45) connection. Designed for use where it is necessary to go beyond the protected office environment of most Ethernet applications, to the harsher environments of industrial and even mil-aero applications. There is also a USB version.

Most Popular Models

Plug Connector, Plastic Gland, Nickel Shell Finish

Square Flange Receptacle, Female RJ-45 Termination, Nickel Shell Finish

Jam Nut Receptacle, Female RJ-45 Termination, Nickel Shell Finish

Plug Connector, Plastic Gland, Olive Drab Cadmium Shell Finish

Square Flange Receptacle, Female RJ-45 Termination, Olive Drab Cadmium Shell Finish

Jam Nut Receptacle, Female RJ-45 Termination, Olive Drab Cadmium Shell Finish

Features & Benefits

  • Sealed against fluids and dusts (IP67)
  • Shock, Vibration and Traction resistant
  • No cabling operation in field and no tools required
  • Mechanical Coding / Polarization (4 positions)
  • Improved EMI protection


  • Data Acquisition and Transmission in Harsh Environments
  • Robotics, Process & Motion Control
  • Oil & Seismic Industry
  • Battlefield Communication
  • Railways, Radar, Shelters
  • Navay

Standards & Requirements

Allows use of Ethernet Class D/Cat. 5e connection for 10 BaseT, 100 BaseTX, or 1000 Base T networks.

Coupling & Mounting

RJF TV within MILDTL-38999 connector shell is threaded coupling. RJF within MIL-C-26482 shell is bayonet coupling. RJF 544 within plastic shell is push-pull coupling.

Contact Termination

Uses pre-existing Ethernet Class D / Cat. 5e cable, no additional terminations required.

Performance & Environmental Effect

Operating temp. from –40°C to +85°C. IP67 rated for environmental sealing. Resistant to shock, vibration and traction. Eliminates hazardous cabling operation in the field and requires no special tooling. Offers reinforced EMI protection in the three series: RJF, RJF TV, RJF 544.

Optional Features

  • Available in threaded (RJF TV) or bayonet (RJF) or push-pull (RJF 544) shell styles.
  • Allows for an existing standard RJ45 cordset to be plugged into the RJ Field connector shell to enhance performance.
  • Mechanical coding and 4 position polarization is per customer requirements.

Data Transmission

  • 10 BaseT, 100 BaseTX and 1000 BaseT networks Cat 5e per TIA/EIA 568B and Class D per ISO/IEC 11801


  • Thread coupling mechanism (MIL-DTL-38999 Series III) with anti-decoupling device
  • 4 mechanical Coding / Polarization possibilities by the user (insert rotation)
  • RJ-45 cordset retention in the plug : 100 N in the axis
  • Mating Cycles: 500 min

Environmental Protection

  • Sealing: IP67
  • Salt Spray: 48 hrs withNickel plating,
  • Salt Spray: >500 hrs with Olive Drab Cadmium
  • Fire Retardant / Low Smoke: UL94 V0 and NF F 16 101 & 16 102
  • Vibrations: 10 –500 Hz, 10 g, 3 axes : no discontinuity> 10nanos.Compounded versions tested per NAS 1599 (5-3000 Hz, 20g, 12h)
  • Shocks: IK06 : weight of 250 g drop from 40 cm [15.75 in] onto connectors (mated pair)
  • Humidity: 21 days, 43°C, 98% humidity
  • Thermal Shock: 5 cycles at -40°C / +100°C
  • Temperature Range: -40°C / +85°C