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 • Amphenol 97 (Solder)

 • Amphenol 97 (Crimp)

 • Amphenol 97E (Env.)

 • Amphenol JT

 • Amphenol LJT

 • Amphenol TV

 • M5015 Solder

 • M5015 Crimp

 • M22992 Class L

 • M22992 Series QWLD

 • M26482 Series I

 • M26482 Series II

 • M26500

 • M27599 (Solder)

 • M28840

 • D38999 Series I

 • D38999 Series II

 • D38999 Series III

 • D38999 Series III RJ45

 • D38999 Series III USB

 • M81511 Series I & II

 • M83723 Series III

 • 80 Series Mighty Mouse

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 • M55302


 • M39012

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 • M83513


 • M85049

Contacts & Termini

 • M39029

 • Coax, Twinax, Triax

 • M29504 Termini

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 • Raychem PolySwitch


 • Crimp Tools

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Popular M85049 Backshells Models (13)

Backshell and their accessories attach to the back of a plug or receptacle to provide strain relief and protection of the wire harness at the rear of the connector. A backshell may also provide additional environmental and EMI shielding.

Backshell selection can be a daunting task. If you are having difficulty selecting a backshell for your design, please do not hesitate to contact us to help you select the best choice for your application. We can help you select a proper backshell for you application ranging from simple cable clamps that just provide strain relief, to various environmental, water proof, and EMI/RFI shielding versions for many popular connector series.

Popular M85049 Configurations
M85049/76-16W06 M85049/76-18W05 M85049/76-18W07 M85049/76-20W03
M85049/76-20W04 M85049/78-11W03 M85049/78-15W04 M85049/78-17N06
M85049/78-17W04 M85049/78-19N05 M85049/78-19N06 M85049/78-21N06
M85049/78-21N08 M85049/78-23W05 M85049/78-25N10 M85049/78-25W04
M85049/78-25W07 M85049/79-11N03 M85049/79-13N03 M85049/79-13N04
M85049/79-13W02 M85049/79-15N03 M85049/79-15N04 M85049/79-15N05
M85049/79-15W02 M85049/79-15W03 M85049/79-15W05 M85049/79-17N03
M85049/79-17N04 M85049/79-17N06 M85049/79-17W04 M85049/79-17WD4
M85049/79-19N05 M85049/79-19N07 M85049/79-19W04 M85049/79-21N05
M85049/79-21N07 M85049/79-21N08 M85049/79-21W03 M85049/79-23W06
M85049/79-25W08 M85049/8-10N M85049/8-10W M85049/8-12N
M85049/8-13W M85049/8-16W M85049/8-17W M85049/8-22W
M85049/8-23W M85049/8-28W M85049/8-2S M85049/8-31W
M85049/8-4W M85049/8-54W M85049/8-5W M85049/81-10
M85049/82-08P03 M85049/82-10N03 M85049/82-10P03 M85049/82-12N03
M85049/82-14N03 M85049/82-14W02 M85049/82-16N03 M85049/82-18N03
M85049/82-20N03 M85049/82-20W03 M85049/82-22N02 M85049/82-22N03
M85049/82-24N03 M85049/82-24W02 M85049/84-14N02 M85049/84-14P02
M85049/84-14W03 M85049/84-18W02 M85049/85-12N02 M85049/85-14P01
M85049/85-16N01 M85049/85-16W02 M85049/85-18N02 M85049/85-20W02
M85049/85-24N01 M85049/85-24P01 M85049/86-18P03 M85049/87-16W02
M85049/87-18P02 M85049/87-20P02 M85049/87-22P02 M85049/88-11P03
M85049/88-13W02 M85049/88-13W03 M85049/88-15J03 M85049/88-15N03
M85049/88-15P02 M85049/88-17P03 M85049/88-17W03 M85049/88-21P02