Alvatek Inventory Listing for AMPHENOL

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Part Number
Description Brand
71-404818-28P  71-404818-28P 90 Degree Plug 7140481828P
71-404818-28S  71-404818-28S 90 Degree Plug 7140481828S
71-404818-30P  71-404818-30P 90 Degree Plug 7140481830P
71-404818-30S  71-404818-30S 90 Degree Plug 7140481830S
71-404818-32P  71-404818-32P 90 Degree Plug 7140481832P
71-404818-32S  71-404818-32S 90 Degree Plug 7140481832S
71-404818-35P  71-404818-35P 90 Degree Plug 7140481835P
71-404818-35S  71-404818-35S 90 Degree Plug 7140481835S
71-404818-53P  71-404818-53P 90 Degree Plug 7140481853P
71-404818-53S  71-404818-53S 90 Degree Plug 7140481853S
71-404816-42P  71-404816-42P 90 Degree Plug 7140481642P
71-404816-35S  71-404816-35S 90 Degree Plug 7140481635S
71-404814-05P  71-404814-05P 90 Degree Plug 7140481405P
71-404814-05S  71-404814-05S 90 Degree Plug 7140481405S
71-404814-15P  71-404814-15P 90 Degree Plug 7140481415P
71-404814-15S  71-404814-15S 90 Degree Plug 7140481415S
71-404814-18P  71-404814-18P 90 Degree Plug 7140481418P
71-404814-18S  71-404814-18S 90 Degree Plug 7140481418S
71-404814-35P  71-404814-35P 90 Degree Plug 7140481435P
71-404814-35S  71-404814-35S 90 Degree Plug 7140481435S
71-404814-37P  71-404814-37P 90 Degree Plug 7140481437P
71-404814-37S  71-404814-37S 90 Degree Plug 7140481437S
71-404816-06P  71-404816-06P 90 Degree Plug 7140481606P
71-404816-06S  71-404816-06S 90 Degree Plug 7140481606S
71-404816-08P  71-404816-08P 90 Degree Plug 7140481608P
71-404816-08S  71-404816-08S 90 Degree Plug 7140481608S
71-404816-26P  71-404816-26P 90 Degree Plug 7140481626P
71-404816-26S  71-404816-26S 90 Degree Plug 7140481626S
71-404816-35P  71-404816-35P 90 Degree Plug 7140481635P
71-404818-66P  71-404818-66P 90 Degree Plug 7140481866P
71-404818-66S  71-404818-66S 90 Degree Plug 7140481866S
71-404820-01P  71-404820-01P 90 Degree Plug 7140482001P
71-404822-35P  71-404822-35P 90 Degree Plug 7140482235P
71-404822-35S  71-404822-35S 90 Degree Plug 7140482235S
71-404822-55P  71-404822-55P 90 Degree Plug 7140482255P
71-404822-55S  71-404822-55S 90 Degree Plug 7140482255S
71-404824-01P  71-404824-01P 90 Degree Plug 7140482401P
71-404824-01S  71-404824-01S 90 Degree Plug 7140482401S
71-404824-02P  71-404824-02P 90 Degree Plug 7140482402P
71-404824-02S  71-404824-02S 90 Degree Plug 7140482402S
71-404824-04P  71-404824-04P 90 Degree Plug 7140482404P
71-404824-04S  71-404824-04S 90 Degree Plug 7140482404S
71-404824-24P  71-404824-24P 90 Degree Plug 7140482424P
71-404824-24S  71-404824-24S 90 Degree Plug 7140482424S
71-404824-29P  71-404824-29P 90 Degree Plug 7140482429P
71-404824-29S  71-404824-29S 90 Degree Plug 7140482429S
71-404824-35P  71-404824-35P 90 Degree Plug 7140482435P
71-404824-35S  71-404824-35S 90 Degree Plug 7140482435S
71-404824-61P  71-404824-61P 90 Degree Plug 7140482461P
71-404822-32S  71-404822-32S 90 Degree Plug 7140482232S
71-404822-32P  71-404822-32P 90 Degree Plug 7140482232P
71-404820-01S  71-404820-01S 90 Degree Plug 7140482001S
71-404820-02P  71-404820-02P 90 Degree Plug 7140482002P
71-404820-02S  71-404820-02S 90 Degree Plug 7140482002S
71-404820-16P  71-404820-16P 90 Degree Plug 7140482016P
71-404820-16S  71-404820-16S 90 Degree Plug 7140482016S
71-404820-35P  71-404820-35P 90 Degree Plug 7140482035P
71-404820-35S  71-404820-35S 90 Degree Plug 7140482035S
71-404820-39P  71-404820-39P 90 Degree Plug 7140482039P
71-404820-39S  71-404820-39S 90 Degree Plug 7140482039S
71-404820-41P  71-404820-41P 90 Degree Plug 7140482041P
71-404820-41S  71-404820-41S 90 Degree Plug 7140482041S
71-404822-01P  71-404822-01P 90 Degree Plug 7140482201P
71-404822-01S  71-404822-01S 90 Degree Plug 7140482201S
71-404822-02P  71-404822-02P 90 Degree Plug 7140482202P
71-404822-02S  71-404822-02S 90 Degree Plug 7140482202S
71-404822-21P  71-404822-21P 90 Degree Plug 7140482221P
71-404822-21S  71-404822-21S 90 Degree Plug 7140482221S
71-404824-61S  71-404824-61S 90 Degree Plug 7140482461S
71-404622-21P  71-404622-21P Straight Plug 7140462221P
71-404218-35S  71-404218-35S Box Mount Receptacle 7140421835S
71-404222-02S  71-404222-02S Box Mount Receptacle 7140422202S
71-404222-21P  71-404222-21P Box Mount Receptacle 7140422221P
71-404222-21S  71-404222-21S Box Mount Receptacle 7140422221S
71-404222-32P  71-404222-32P Box Mount Receptacle 7140422232P
71-404222-32S  71-404222-32S Box Mount Receptacle 7140422232S
71-404222-35P  71-404222-35P Box Mount Receptacle 7140422235P
71-404222-35S  71-404222-35S Box Mount Receptacle 7140422235S
71-404222-55P  71-404222-55P Box Mount Receptacle 7140422255P
71-404222-55S  71-404222-55S Box Mount Receptacle 7140422255S
71-404224-01P  71-404224-01P Box Mount Receptacle 7140422401P
71-404224-01S  71-404224-01S Box Mount Receptacle 7140422401S
71-404224-02P  71-404224-02P Box Mount Receptacle 7140422402P
71-404224-02S  71-404224-02S Box Mount Receptacle 7140422402S
71-404224-04P  71-404224-04P Box Mount Receptacle 7140422404P
71-404224-04S  71-404224-04S Box Mount Receptacle 7140422404S
71-404224-24P  71-404224-24P Box Mount Receptacle 7140422424P
71-404224-24S  71-404224-24S Box Mount Receptacle 7140422424S
71-404222-02P  71-404222-02P Box Mount Receptacle 7140422202P
71-404222-01S  71-404222-01S Box Mount Receptacle 7140422201S
71-404218-53P  71-404218-53P Box Mount Receptacle 7140421853P
71-404218-53S  71-404218-53S Box Mount Receptacle 7140421853S
71-404218-66P  71-404218-66P Box Mount Receptacle 7140421866P
71-404218-66S  71-404218-66S Box Mount Receptacle 7140421866S
71-404220-01P  71-404220-01P Box Mount Receptacle 7140422001P
71-404220-01S  71-404220-01S Box Mount Receptacle 7140422001S
71-404220-02P  71-404220-02P Box Mount Receptacle 7140422002P
71-404220-02S  71-404220-02S Box Mount Receptacle 7140422002S
71-404220-16P  71-404220-16P Box Mount Receptacle 7140422016P
71-404220-16S  71-404220-16S Box Mount Receptacle 7140422016S
71-404220-35P  71-404220-35P Box Mount Receptacle 7140422035P
71-404220-35S  71-404220-35S Box Mount Receptacle 7140422035S
71-404220-39P  71-404220-39P Box Mount Receptacle 7140422039P
71-404220-39S  71-404220-39S Box Mount Receptacle 7140422039S
71-404220-41P  71-404220-41P Box Mount Receptacle 7140422041P
71-404220-41S  71-404220-41S Box Mount Receptacle 7140422041S
71-404222-01P  71-404222-01P Box Mount Receptacle 7140422201P
71-404224-29P  71-404224-29P Box Mount Receptacle 7140422429P
71-404224-29S  71-404224-29S Box Mount Receptacle 7140422429S
71-404224-35P  71-404224-35P Box Mount Receptacle 7140422435P
71-404510-99P  71-404510-99P Straight Plug 7140451099P
71-404510-99S  71-404510-99S Straight Plug 7140451099S
71-404512-03P  71-404512-03P Straight Plug 7140451203P
71-404512-03S  71-404512-03S Straight Plug 7140451203S
71-404512-04P  71-404512-04P Straight Plug 7140451204P
71-404512-04S  71-404512-04S Straight Plug 7140451204S
71-404512-08P  71-404512-08P Straight Plug 7140451208P
71-404512-08S  71-404512-08S Straight Plug 7140451208S
71-404512-22P  71-404512-22P Straight Plug 7140451222P
71-404512-22S  71-404512-22S Straight Plug 7140451222S
71-404512-35P  71-404512-35P Straight Plug 7140451235P
71-404512-35S  71-404512-35S Straight Plug 7140451235S
71-404512-98P  71-404512-98P Straight Plug 7140451298P
71-404512-98S  71-404512-98S Straight Plug 7140451298S
71-404514-05P  71-404514-05P Straight Plug 7140451405P
71-404514-05S  71-404514-05S Straight Plug 7140451405S
71-404514-15P  71-404514-15P Straight Plug 7140451415P
71-404510-98S  71-404510-98S Straight Plug 7140451098S
71-404510-98P  71-404510-98P Straight Plug 7140451098P
71-404224-35S  71-404224-35S Box Mount Receptacle 7140422435S
71-404224-61P  71-404224-61P Box Mount Receptacle 7140422461P
71-404224-61S  71-404224-61S Box Mount Receptacle 7140422461S
71-404508-06P  71-404508-06P Straight Plug 7140450806P
71-404508-06S  71-404508-06S Straight Plug 7140450806S
71-404508-35P  71-404508-35P Straight Plug 7140450835P
71-404508-35S  71-404508-35S Straight Plug 7140450835S
71-404508-44P  71-404508-44P Straight Plug 7140450844P
71-404508-44S  71-404508-44S Straight Plug 7140450844S
71-404508-98P  71-404508-98P Straight Plug 7140450898P
71-404508-98S  71-404508-98S Straight Plug 7140450898S
71-404510-05P  71-404510-05P Straight Plug 7140451005P
71-404510-05S  71-404510-05S Straight Plug 7140451005S
71-404510-13P  71-404510-13P Straight Plug 7140451013P
71-404510-13S  71-404510-13S Straight Plug 7140451013S
71-404510-35P  71-404510-35P Straight Plug 7140451035P
71-404510-35S  71-404510-35S Straight Plug 7140451035S
71-404514-15S  71-404514-15S Straight Plug 7140451415S
71-404218-35P  71-404218-35P Box Mount Receptacle 7140421835P
71-404122-55S  71-404122-55S Cable Receptacle 7140412255S
71-404208-44S  71-404208-44S Box Mount Receptacle 7140420844S
71-404208-98P  71-404208-98P Box Mount Receptacle 7140420898P
71-404208-98S  71-404208-98S Box Mount Receptacle 7140420898S
71-404210-05P  71-404210-05P Box Mount Receptacle 7140421005P
71-404210-05S  71-404210-05S Box Mount Receptacle 7140421005S
71-404210-13P  71-404210-13P Box Mount Receptacle 7140421013P
71-404210-13S  71-404210-13S Box Mount Receptacle 7140421013S
71-404210-35P  71-404210-35P Box Mount Receptacle 7140421035P
71-404210-35S  71-404210-35S Box Mount Receptacle 7140421035S
71-404210-98P  71-404210-98P Box Mount Receptacle 7140421098P
71-404210-98S  71-404210-98S Box Mount Receptacle 7140421098S
71-404210-99P  71-404210-99P Box Mount Receptacle 7140421099P
71-404210-99S  71-404210-99S Box Mount Receptacle 7140421099S
71-404212-03P  71-404212-03P Box Mount Receptacle 7140421203P
71-404212-03S  71-404212-03S Box Mount Receptacle 7140421203S
71-404212-04P  71-404212-04P Box Mount Receptacle 7140421204P
71-404212-04S  71-404212-04S Box Mount Receptacle 7140421204S
71-404208-44P  71-404208-44P Box Mount Receptacle 7140420844P
71-404208-35S  71-404208-35S Box Mount Receptacle 7140420835S
71-404124-01P  71-404124-01P Cable Receptacle 7140412401P
71-404124-01S  71-404124-01S Cable Receptacle 7140412401S
71-404124-02P  71-404124-02P Cable Receptacle 7140412402P
71-404124-02S  71-404124-02S Cable Receptacle 7140412402S
71-404124-04P  71-404124-04P Cable Receptacle 7140412404P
71-404124-04S  71-404124-04S Cable Receptacle 7140412404S
71-404124-24P  71-404124-24P Cable Receptacle 7140412424P
71-404124-24S  71-404124-24S Cable Receptacle 7140412424S
71-404124-29P  71-404124-29P Cable Receptacle 7140412429P
71-404124-29S  71-404124-29S Cable Receptacle 7140412429S
71-404124-35P  71-404124-35P Cable Receptacle 7140412435P
71-404124-35S  71-404124-35S Cable Receptacle 7140412435S
71-404124-61P  71-404124-61P Cable Receptacle 7140412461P
71-404124-61S  71-404124-61S Cable Receptacle 7140412461S
71-404208-06P  71-404208-06P Box Mount Receptacle 7140420806P
71-404208-06S  71-404208-06S Box Mount Receptacle 7140420806S
71-404208-35P  71-404208-35P Box Mount Receptacle 7140420835P
71-404212-08P  71-404212-08P Box Mount Receptacle 7140421208P
71-404212-08S  71-404212-08S Box Mount Receptacle 7140421208S
71-404212-22P  71-404212-22P Box Mount Receptacle 7140421222P
71-404216-26P  71-404216-26P Box Mount Receptacle 7140421626P
71-404216-26S  71-404216-26S Box Mount Receptacle 7140421626S
71-404216-35P  71-404216-35P Box Mount Receptacle 7140421635P
71-404216-35S  71-404216-35S Box Mount Receptacle 7140421635S
71-404216-42P  71-404216-42P Box Mount Receptacle 7140421642P
71-404216-42S  71-404216-42S Box Mount Receptacle 7140421642S
71-404216-55P  71-404216-55P Box Mount Receptacle 7140421655P
71-404216-55S  71-404216-55S Box Mount Receptacle 7140421655S
71-404216-99P  71-404216-99P Box Mount Receptacle 7140421699P
71-404216-99S  71-404216-99S Box Mount Receptacle 7140421699S
71-404218-11P  71-404218-11P Box Mount Receptacle 7140421811P
71-404218-11S  71-404218-11S Box Mount Receptacle 7140421811S
71-404218-28P  71-404218-28P Box Mount Receptacle 7140421828P