• D38999/24WG39PN

  • Jam Nut Receptacle

Part Detail
Manufacturer Part # D38999/24WG39PN
Alvatek Part # 4LD-DC5D-2A
Brand Mil-Spec
Item Ships 5-7 Days
Minimum Order 1
Package Quantity 1
Lead-Free Approved Mil-Spec Certified
Non-RoHS Compliant
Part Description
Jam Nut Receptacle

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D38999/24WG39PN D38999/24WG39PN Jam Nut Receptacle Mil-Spec 322 $206.27  
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MIL-DTL-38999 Series III Cylindrical Connectors

D38999 Connectors > D38999 Series III


Designed for performance, the MIL-DTL-38999 Series III (also referred to as D38999, MIL-C-38999, 38999) connector is the universally accepted leader in compact, lightweight cylindrical connector technology. It offers the highest performance capabilities for both general duty and severe environment applications.

  • Lightweight, compact, high contact density
  • Most popular cylindrical for high performance and environmental resistance
  • The most sophisticated cylindrical connector to meet military aerospace demands under severe conditions
  • Wide variety of customer options

Series include

  • Firewall Class RK and RS with Stainless Steel shells
  • New Clutch-Lok MTV 38999 for high vibration environments
  • Hermetic Receptacles
  • ESD Protection with Faraday cage
  • New 38999 Power connectors with high amperage contacts
  • Space application connectors
  • PCB and compliant press-fit terminations


High performance general duty and severe environmental applications.

  • Military Aerospace
  • Commercial Aircraft
  • Space Applications
  • Military Vehicles
  • Medical Equipment

Standard Requirements

MS versions meet or exceed MIL-DTL-38999 Series III. Lanyard release style meets MIL-STD-1760 requirements.

Coupling / Mounting

Threaded coupling. Quickly and completely mate in one 360° turn of the coupling nut. Self locking – lockwiring is eliminated. 5 key/ keyway polarization eliminates mismating. Universal mounting holes for front or rear mounting. Locksmith metal keying to aid in blind mating.

Contact Terminals

Crimp termination. Recessed pins (100% scoop-proof feature minimizes contact damage). Also available with PCB and compliant press-fit termination.

Performance / Environmental Effect

Operating temp. from –65°C to +200°C. Superior EMI shielding is achieved through the combination of grounding fingers and solid metal to metal mating. IP67 rating for environmental sealing. Corrosion resistance: shells of stainless steel or cadmium over nickel plating withstand a 500 hr. salt spray exposure. Operating voltage to 900 VAC (RMS) at sea level.

Optional Features

  • 6 shell styles and over 50 insert patterns.
  • Hermetic seal (glass fusion) receptacle styles available.
  • Stainless Steel Firewall, Class K styles available.
  • Variety of shell finishes.
  • Twinax, coax, triax, filter contacts and fiber optic termini options.
  • Ground plane versions.
  • Fail-safe lanyard release plug style versions.
  • Printed circuit board contacts, wire wrap and compliant press-fit contacts.
  • ESD (Electrostatic Discharge Protection) available with use of Faraday cage to shunt high voltages.
  • Flex termination assemblies for attachment to PCB boards.
Common Military & Commerical Equivalents
Military Commercial
D38999/20 TVP00R
D38999/21 TVPS02Y
D38999/23 TVS07Y
D38999/24 TV07R
D38999/25 TVS1Y
D38999/26 TV06R
Popular D38999 Configurations
D38999/20FA35PA D38999/20FA35PB D38999/20FA35PN D38999/20FA35SA
D38999/20FA35SN D38999/20FA98PN D38999/20FA98SN D38999/20FB2SN
D38999/20FB35PB D38999/20FB35PC D38999/20FB35PN D38999/20FB35SA
D38999/20FB35SB D38999/20FB35SD D38999/20FB35SN D38999/20FB5PN
D38999/20FB98PN D38999/20FB98SN D38999/20FC35AN D38999/20FC35PA
D38999/20FC35PB D38999/20FC35PN D38999/20FC35SA D38999/20FC35SN
D38999/20FC4PN D38999/20FC8PN D38999/20FC98PN D38999/20FC98SN
D38999/20FD18PA D38999/20FD18PN D38999/20FD18SN D38999/20FD19PN
D38999/20FD19SN D38999/20FD35AN D38999/20FD35PA D38999/20FD35PB
D38999/20FD35PN D38999/20FD35SB D38999/20FD35SN D38999/20FD5PN
D38999/20FD5SN D38999/20FD97PN D38999/20FE26PN D38999/20FE35PA
D38999/20FE35PN D38999/20FE35SA D38999/20FE35SB D38999/20FE35SN
D38999/20FE6PN D38999/20FE6SA D38999/20FE6SN D38999/20FE8PN
D38999/20FE8SN D38999/20FF11AN D38999/20FF32PN D38999/20FF32SN
D38999/20FF35PN D38999/20FF35SN D38999/20FG11PN D38999/20FG16PA
D38999/20FG16PN D38999/20FG16SN D38999/20FG35AN D38999/20FG35PA
D38999/20FG35PN D38999/20FG35SA D38999/20FG35SN D38999/20FG39PN
D38999/20FG41PN D38999/20FG41SN D38999/20FH21SN D38999/20FH35PA
D38999/20FH35PN D38999/20FH35SA D38999/20FH35SB D38999/20FH35SN
D38999/20FH53PN D38999/20FJ19PN D38999/20FJ35AN D38999/20FJ35BN
D38999/20FJ35PA D38999/20FJ35PN D38999/20FJ35SA D38999/20FJ35SB
D38999/20FJ35SN D38999/20FJ43PN D38999/20FJ4PN D38999/20FJ61PB
D38999/20FJ61PC D38999/20FJ61PN D38999/20FJ61SN D38999/20FJ8AN
D38999/20FJ8SN D38999/20JA35HN D38999/20JA35PN D38999/20JA35SN
D38999/20JB35PB D38999/20JB35PN D38999/20JB35SN D38999/20JB5SN
D38999/20JB98PN D38999/20JB98SN D38999/20JB99PN D38999/20JC35AN
D38999/20JC35PA D38999/20JC35PB D38999/20JC35PN D38999/20JC35SN