• MS3126F12-8P

  • Straight Plug

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Manufacturer Part # MS3126F12-8P
Alvatek Part # 4L9-79A2-0A
Brand Mil-Spec
Item Ships 5-7 Days
Minimum Order 1
Package Quantity 1
Lead-Free Approved Mil-Spec Certified
Non-RoHS Compliant
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Straight Plug

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MS3126F12-8P Straight Plug Mil-Spec 0 $127.16  

MIL-C-26482 Series I Cylindrical Connectors


MIL-C-26482, Series 1 cylindrical connectors offer twice the number of contacts in just half the size of a standard connector. These miniature connectors, are available in several series, each with varying design characteristics and customer options to meet cost considerations and provide maximum design flexibility. The pin and socket contacts are machined from low loss copper alloy and gold plated to eliminate contact corrosion and provide an indefinite shelf life. All series incorporate closed entry socket contacts.

Equipped with EMI/RFI grounding and environmental sealing, these connectors are ideally suited for general purpose military and commercial applications. Rear-release crimp contacts allow for easy termination and repair.

The wide range of available mountings–including both narrow and wide flange mounts-provide complete flexibility in interconnect system design.

Series include

  • Medium size, widely used cylindrical
  • Operating voltage to 1,000 VAC (RMS) at sea level
  • Environment resistant
  • Quick positive three point bayonet lock coupling system
  • Visual confirmation of complete coupling
  • Five key/keyway polarization
  • Seven mounting styles provide optimum design flexibility
  • Ten shell sizes 6 through 24
  • Solder contacts
  • Size 20 through 12 contacts accept wire sizes 20 through 12 AWG
  • Various finishes provide protection in a wide variety of corrosive and mechanical environments
  • Coaxial and thermocouple contact options
  • Hermetic seal (glass fused) receptacles
  • Double stub threaded coupling series available
  • Alternate positioning


High performance general duty and severe environmental applications.

  • Military Aerospace
  • Commercial Aircraft
  • Space Applications
  • Military Vehicles
  • Medical Equipment

Standard Requirements

MS versions meet or exceed MIL-C-26482 Series I.

Popular MS26482 Series 1 Configurations
MS3110E12-10P MS3110E12-10S MS3110E14-19P MS3110E8-4P
MS3110E8-4S MS3110F10-6P MS3110F10-6S MS3110F12-10S
MS3110F8-3P MS3110F8-3S MS3110F8-4P MS3111E10-6P
MS3111E10-6S MS3111E8-2P MS3111E8-4S MS3111F10-6P
MS3111F10-6S MS3111F12-10P MS3111F12-10S MS3111F12-8S
MS3111F14-12P MS3111F14-12S MS3111F14-19P MS3111F14-19S
MS3111F14-5P MS3111F8-2P MS3111F8-2S MS3111F8-3P
MS3111F8-3S MS3111F8-4P MS3111F8-4S MS3112E10-6P
MS3112E10-6PW MS3112E10-6S MS3112E10-98P MS3112E10-98S
MS3112E12-10P MS3112E12-10PW MS3112E12-10PX MS3112E12-10S
MS3112E12-3P MS3112E12-3PY MS3112E12-3S MS3112E12-8P
MS3112E12-8S MS3112E14-12P MS3112E14-12S MS3112E14-15P
MS3112E14-15S MS3112E14-18P MS3112E14-18S MS3112E14-19P
MS3112E14-19PX MS3112E14-19S MS3112E14-5P MS3112E14-5S
MS3112E16-23P MS3112E16-23S MS3112E16-26P MS3112E16-26S
MS3112E16-8P MS3112E16-8S MS3112E18-11P MS3112E18-11S
MS3112E18-32P MS3112E18-32S MS3112E20-16P MS3112E20-16S
MS3112E20-41P MS3112E20-41S MS3112E22-55P MS3112E22-55S
MS3112E24-61P MS3112E8-2P MS3112E8-2S MS3112E8-3P
MS3112E8-3S MS3112E8-4P MS3112E8-4S MS3112E8-4SW
MS3114E10-6P MS3114E10-6S MS3114E12-10S MS3114E12-8S
MS3114E14-19P MS3114E8-2P MS3114E8-3P MS3114E8-3S
MS3114E8-4P MS3114E8-4S MS3114F10-6S MS3114P12-10P
MS3116E10-6P MS3116E10-6S MS3116E10-98S MS3116E12-10P
MS3116E12-10S MS3116E12-3S MS3116E12-8P MS3116E12-8S
MS3116E14-12S MS3116E14-15P MS3116E14-15S MS3116E14-18P
MS3116E14-18S MS3116E14-19P MS3116E14-19S MS3116E14-5P